MKFHi! Welcome to my page on being poisoned in the 21st century. As a graduate student in the biomedical/cellular biology fields I will try to offer not only my personal experience as someone who was poisoned but also a biological perspective.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with chronic arsenic poisoning. Due to the timeline of symptoms my doctor and I have predicted that it had been going on for about a year. Without spoiling any future posts (!) I managed to Master out of the graduate program I was in and subsequently get into a PhD program despite….. the myriad of symptoms I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

I’ve always had a passion for biology. When I was 3, I quite confidently told my Mom that I was going to be a “Marine Mammologist.” While I’ve diverged from this initial pursuit I’ve managed to stay within the boundaries of the sciences. Biology fascinates me and I strive to keep an open mind about the potentially infinite ways to think about the biological world. Hopefully I will be able to give back to the amazing field that has captured my heart. Given (of course) that I can get that far.

So bare with me. This is a mix of “witnessing” as well as education to the general public on the strange world of poisoning and the medical negligence prevalent within our system.